Sitting outside at one of my favorite restaurants in Scottsdale, my friend happened to look up and see the following, about 10 feet from our table. Three baby owls, quietly and patiently sitting there watching us and the world go by. During the course of the evening, one of the parents flew to the nest (presumably dropping off a meal – rodent, rabbit, etc) and immediately departed.

Our waitress was very familiar with them, explaining how the owls return each winter, and always pick this one spot. They arrive in November, raise a few kids, and depart in April.

Yet another surprise here in the desert!

I rushed home to get my bigger camera, which has a telephoto lens, etc. Here’s another picture of the beautiful babies!

Here, one of the birds stretches his wings:

I returned a few days later hoping to see them again – no sign of them whatsoever!