Scottsdale in April/May is proving to be a real surprise, as all the various cactii and succulents sprout an enormous variety of flowers.  Just driving around the neighborhood is a treat.

These gorgeous items were all spotted by the roadside, along medians, or on trails 10 minutes from civilization.

Here’s a typical Saguaro, just starting to sprout some flowers on the side furthest from the sun. Soon, this will turn into a burst of white flowers.  Each ‘sprout’ comes out of one of the bumps where the needles are anchored.

This is a saguaro with more developed flowers. It’s as if each saguaro has a little ‘hat’ on!

This is some kind of ‘Agave’ or ‘Aloe’ plant, which sends out a giant pole which then displays horizontal branches. This specimen was seen at the ‘El Pedrogal’ building in the ‘Boulders’ complex in North Scottsdale – a fabulous place to observe all manner of desert vegetation (and a fine place to enjoy a beverage or two, or even a meal!)